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Starbucks has no official announcement of their schedule. All branches of Starbucks are free to choose their scheduled hours.

Starbucks remains open on holidays, while some may close their branches. We will here discuss What Are Starbucks Holiday Hours?

Different Starbucks branches reduce their timings in the holidays and may or may not operate generally.

How To Find Starbucks Near Me?

You can take all the info regarding the Starbucks holidays schedule from Starbucks APP.

First of all, You need to find the store near you. Download the Starbucks App from the iOS or Android Google Play Store. For this, open the Starbucks App. Then tap on “Stores”, and then App will show you the nearest stores with their distance.

Check-in details of the store, there you will see remaining time in opening the store or open and close hour.

Store listing will indicate whether you can order ahead or not.

Is Starbucks Open On Holidays?

The significant branches operate according to their general operating hours because coffee lovers turn towards their favourite coffee on holidays more than in everyday life.

They may reduce their operating hours also. Starbucks remains open on the following holidays:

HolidaysDate    Starbucks Open/Close
New Year’s Day1st JanNormally Open, Stores may reduce hours
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)17th JanNormally Open
Valentine’s Day14th FebNormally Open, Stores may extend their hours
Presidents Day21st FebNormally Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Normally Open
St. Patrick’s Day17th MarchNormally Open
Good Friday Normally Open
Easter Sunday Normally Open, Stores may reduce hours
Cinco de Mayo5th MayNormally Open, Stores may reduce hours
Mother’s Day Normally Open
Memorial Day30th MayNormally Open
Father’s Day Normally Open
Juneteenth19th JuneNormally Open
Independence Day (4th of July)4th JulyNormally Open
Labor Day5th SepNormally Open
Columbus Day10th OctNormally Open
Halloween31st OctNormally Open
Veterans Day11th NovNormally Open
Day Before Thanksgiving23rd NovNormally Open, Stores may reduce hours
Thanksgiving Day24th NovSome stores may be closed
Day After Thanksgiving25th NovNormally Open, Stores may extend their hours
Black Friday25th NovNormally Open, Stores may extend their hours
Cyber Monday28th NovNormally Open
Christmas Eve24th DecNormally Open, Stores may reduce hours
Christmas Day25th DecSome stores may be closed
Day After Christmas (Boxing Day)26th DecNormally Open
New Year’s Eve31st DecNormally Open, Stores may reduce hours

 This holiday opening and closing schedule is a general overview and depends on the location of the branch. In big cities, the timings and schedules are slightly different than in smaller towns. An essential point is a crowdy place and customer interests.

Always use the Starbucks Store locator on a mobile App or website to confirm the opening and closing. Also, Timings and schedule is providing there location-wise.

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Starbucks Holiday Hours ~ Open and Close

Most Starbucks open at 5 am and close at 10 pm. All this depends on the location of branches. They can extend their times to more than 10 pm if they are in a big city and crowded area.

Some locations open from 5:30 am to 7 am and close from 6 pm to 8 pm. 

On weekends, Starbucks cafes mainly reduce their timings. They prefer to open one or two hours late so that staff could take some rest on weekends.

I can place any city schedule here from Starbucks Store Locator, but it is not the solution because readers should find a solution that works for everyone.

Check your Store location from Starbucks App. Give your city name and find a store near you. In detail, you will find their opening and closing hours detail. Sometimes you will see how much time remains to open the store.

Or visit the Starbucks website and click on “Find a store”. You will see the store locator. You can find the nearby store location and their week’s schedule.

Starbucks Hours Of Thanksgiving

Starbucks is everywhere you look, but have you noticed when they are open on Thanksgiving Day? Find the nearest Starbucks location and see where you can go on Thanksgiving.

Find a store near you and see which one is open. Take help from Starbucks Store Locator because it has the proper schedule for all stores worldwide.


Starbucks decides its scheduling based on customer demand. Don’t waste your time going there without information on opening and closing hours. Just confirm their timings before leaving the house or office.

We have discussed here What Are Starbucks Holiday Hours? For more information contact their helpline or customer support but on some holidays like:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

Starbucks helpline maybe not working and have an off day.

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