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My Apps secure sign-in is a chrome extension for any app. Just install it and then use it to open any of the pre-installed apps on the device with a click. With this extension, you can select the app you want to sign in from the extension bar, which acts like an apps section. Any apps registered with a Microsoft account can be searched, accessed, and launched with just one click. Use the Microsoft account to register an app.

My Apps’ sign-in extension allowed the user to quickly and easily sign in without having to enter any additional personal information. My Apps provided the link to the sign-in page and sent the user back to the website, where the extension would then store the user’s authentication token.

Once the user was logged in, the extension did not provide the user’s data or any other information. My Apps only collected the basic information needed for authentication (name and email) and the time the user signed in.

What Is The Method To Use My Apps Secure Sign-In Extension

  • Install My Apps Secure Sign-In chrome extension by clicking on “Download Here” button. Or visit the Google Chrome Web Store and install it.
  • You can pin the extension for quick access.
  • Go to the top right of the browser window, tap the extension icon and log into your apps and Microsoft account to ensure you’re using the latest version.
  • You will find the search option, where you can search for the app and get redirected to the app in one click.

My Apps Secure Sign-In Extension Rating and Users

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Users: 1,000,000+ users

Extension Details of My Apps Secure Sign-In Extension

  • Category: Productivity
  • Installs: 1,000,000+ users
  • Number Of Votes: 60+
  • Version: 5.8
  • Updated On: April 5, 2022
  • Size: 140KiB
  • Listing Languages: English (United States) 
  • Required Permissions: The publisher has made it clear that it will not collect or use your data

Contact Developer

  •  Email:
  •  Privacy Policy:
  •  Website:

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How Does My Apps Secure Sign-In Extension Works?

My Apps secure sign-in is a chrome extension that Users can use to open the apps registered with their Microsoft account. To start an app, click the extension button in Chrome’s toolbar and select the app using the search option.

Only apps installed and registered with a Microsoft account can be opened with this extension. You have the option to sign out of the extension at any time. This extension makes using your apps easier by clicking one button to open multiple apps.

Essential Features Of My Apps Secure Sign-In Extension:

The extension has several vital features.

  • The first time you sign in for all the apps that are linked to your Microsoft account, you’ll need to make one sign-in and log in.
  • You can start any application with the quick search option.
  • It’s possible to open the last viewed apps with the recently used selection.
  • My apps section shows all your apps and those registered with a Microsoft account.

FAQs For My Apps Secure

Q: Does My Apps Secure Sign-In secure for personal data?

Ans: No, this extension, My Apps Secure Sign-In, claims that they do not collect any personal data.

Q: Is My Appa Secure Sign-In a free extension?

Ans: Yes, My Apps Secure Sign-In is a free extension and is not paid.

Q: Does a recently used App option available with this My Apps Secure Sign-In extension?

Ans: Yes, You can find the recently used apps option with the extension.

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