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If you want to grow your career as a content writer, one of the most challenging things is constantly creating unique content that shows your potential in your field.

But is it that simple?

Considering the abundance of content creators, it could be easy to assume that almost every topic of value has already been appropriately covered.

There are tons of data available on the internet, and if you want to catch readers’ eyes toward your content, high-quality and unique content is the key.

No matter how good we are at writing content but plagiarism is something that appears unannounced in our writing. Sometimes we get self-plagiarism or unintentionally end up copying others’ words.

Whether your work contains plagiarism intentionally or unintentionally, it is terrible for you, and you should avoid it, but exactly how?

Using an online paraphraser can help you create unique content. You can use the tool to rephrase the text you want to copy from another writer, or if you find some text you think you must use in your content.

But the question here is how to properly use an online paraphrasing tool to create unique content.

In this post, we will be discussing how you can use a paraphraser to create unique content.

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What are Online Paraphrasers?

Online paraphrasers are AI-powered tools that can scan through lengthy text and instantaneously alter the vocabulary while keeping the content’s structure intact. 

Paraphrasing tools are easy to use and retain the original’s meaning. The source text’s structure is not changed, and the core idea is preserved, thanks to the AI technology behind these tools. 

Paraphrasing may seem difficult at first, but with these tools, you can rest assured that your writing will be improved and verified without lifting a finger.

Steps: How to Use Online Paraphrasers?

Research data on your own

To paraphrase any text, you first have to find the text. Please take it as a first step towards unique content generation.

Whether you want to do manual paraphrasing or automatic use of a paraphrasing tool, the first step is gathering information.

A paraphrasing tool will not research material on its own to reword. You have to do this part on your own.

It is the only step that needs some of your efforts. Inserting relevant and informative text into the paraphrasing tool can help you create unique content paraphrasing.

Keep in mind that the text you provide will be used by the paraphrasing tool. To create high-quality content, it is recommended that you first conduct a comprehensive Google search and then use the most relevant data from those results.

Go to the tool and select a paraphrasing mode.

Once you have gathered the text to paraphrase, go to an online paraphraser. You will get different paraphrasing modes on the tool, like:

  • Fluency
  • Standard
  • Creative 
  • Smarter

You need to pick one mode to ensure that the content generated by the tool is unique. 

But the question here is, how do you know which mode is best for your needs?

Fluency Mode:

With Fluency Mode, your content will be paraphrased by having intelligently replaced words and phrases with synonyms. This mode ‘fluently’ modifies your content to appear to have been created by a person.

Standard Mode:

Using the Standard Mode, the source text’s synonyms are swapped out for more natural alternatives. It’s useful for rephrasing content that you want with very minimal changes.

Creative Mode:

The Creative mode is the most intelligent in the tool. It’s smart enough to tweak your content, so it seems fresh and new without throwing off the meaning.

Smarter Mode:

The Smarter Mode is similar to a word changer in functionality. You can enter your synonyms to replace the suggested ones if you’re not pleased with the results of the automatic synonym substitution. 

Now, you can quickly determine which mode you should pick. 

Select a Language

After selecting a paraphrasing mode, your next step is to choose a language. This step is necessary because if you want to paraphrase the content in a language other than English, you should let the tool know.

By default, paraphrasing tools rephrase text in the English language. You select a language from the dropdown list you see on the tool, as shown below:

Enter or copy/paste source text

In the next step, you must enter the text into the tool to make it unique or copy/paste the text, whatever seems easy.

Upload file from the device

If you have a file stored on your device, then you can directly upload the file into the tool by clicking on the ‘Upload File’ button, as shown below:

Hit the ‘Go’ button on the tool

Finally, click the ‘Go’ button on the paraphrasing tool to get a unique version of the source text. 

The tool will take a few minutes to generate a newfound text free of errors and plagiarism.

Always proofread the text generated by the tool.

This step might not seem associated with ‘how to use online paraphrasers’ but is essential for ensuring whether or not the content generated by the paraphrasing tool is unique and high-quality.

Therefore, it is always suggested to proofread the text paraphrased by the tool so that you can check if the reader still maintains their original sense and is free of any writing errors.

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Bottom Line

Creating unique content is a constant challenge for content writers to grow in their field, and it is not easy for them to write unique content on the same topic multiple times.

Because of plagiarism, writers can quickly get self-plagiarism, or they often unintentionally copy text directly from the internet. In both cases, it is obligatory to make content unique.

Therefore, paraphrasing tools are considered the most viable option, as the tools use cutting-edge technology to generate 100% unique content.

Read the above-discussed sections to know how to use a paraphrasing tool accurately to create unique content.

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