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Facebook has become a primary platform for sharing Tiktok videos on Facebook without linking. We know that the Tiktok video is viral among young people, so we should understand that the Tiktok videos are likely to be shared by people on Facebook.

In this article, we will discuss how to Share The TikTok Video on Facebook with and without linking.

It would help if you found ways to share the TikTok video on Facebook with the original website.

So why did the TikTok video go viral on Facebook? Because of three things: The content of the video, its message and the timing.

First, the content was catchy and fun: the TikTok creator played the element of surprise, with the bonus that he and his team had fun as they made the video.

Second, the video message was clear and consistent. By the end of the video, It delivered The message to the audience—everyone was making their TikToks.

Third, the timing worked perfectly. It took place just as people were looking for something to do—something that was both interesting and free—in the middle of the day, on a Wednesday.

How to Share a TikTok Video on Facebook with a Link?

Now it’s time to share the video. The next step is to share it on social media channels. Once you’re done sharing, you’ll have only two options: “unlike” and “share.” If you decide to “like” it, the post will appear in your feed.

The best thing you can do after posting a video is to watch how people react to it. If no one likes it, chances are it won’t spread, but if everyone loves it, it may catch on.

Here to Share Tiktok Video on Facebook Without Link:

1. On your video, you will see a share button. Go to “Share” on Tiktok. In case you are sharing your profile video. You may see three dots instead of the share button.

2. Select “Share to Facebook” or “Share to Facebook News feed”. Share to Facebook lead you to Facebook stories.

3. Click “Copy URL” or “Copy Video Link” to get the video link.

4. Paste the link into a Facebook messenger and send the message.

5. Click “create a post” or “What on your mind” and paste the URL. Then post it

6. You will find the Facebook option when taping “share”. In this way, you don’t need to copy the URL.

7. Choose simply Facebook that will lead your Facebook stories or find “Facebook News Feed” for posting in the news feed. You can search in “Others” also.

That’s it. You can enjoy sharing TikTok videos on Facebook. When sharing a TikTok video on Facebook without a link, you will get likes on your post. You should share your favourite TikTok videos without links. You will not get likes for your TikTok videos on Facebook posts when you share your TikTok videos on Facebook with links.

Someone need to save videos on your device for more appreciation and likes on Facebook. Then share it as a standard video with any link.

How to Share TikTok Videos on Facebook without Linking?

The TikTok app is still a relatively new social media platform but is already growing in popularity. One thing that makes TikTok unique is its short videos, and now there are some clever ways to share TikTok videos on Facebook without linking.

These tricks allow you to upload the video straight to Facebook, so your viewers don’t have to download or install the TikTok app to view your video.

The method below for sharing TikTok videos on Facebook involves a TikTok watermarking in the videos. The way of sharing this method is simple and has no hurdles.

1. Open or launch your TikTok App.

2. Choose the video you want to share on Facebook or any other platform.

3. Check where the share option exists. You will find it in the right corner.

4. When you click on “Share”,. You will see “Save video” in the options there at the bottom.

5. Clicking there, your video will automatically save in your gallery or storage. You can see where the videos folder exists.

6. Go on your Facebook profile and share the video as you have done before.

How to save a video of TikTok without Watermark?

You need to use a third-party App or website to save and share TikTok videos on Facebook. It depends on if you are using a Mobile or PC. So here we have two discussions:

Save a video on Mobile (Android or iOS) or PC

Most mobiles have recording options already. Set that option in your quick panel by tapping on edit in the quick panel. Whenever you find a video you want to record, choose the video and start the screen recording option. The saved video will be in your local storage.

Save the video of TikTok by using an App, namely ApowerREC. You will find it apple store or Playstore, and you can download and install it on your PC also.

Here is the procedure in detail:

1. Open the ApowerREC App and find the setting option there. Tap on settings.

2. Make sure that both Recording Overlay and Screen Overlay options are on. You will mostly find these on by default. There will appear two options on your screen by doing this. A camera and red dot recording option will overlay there.

3. Then make sure you choose “Portrait” so that it records TikTok videos correctly. TikTok videos are in Portrait mode by default.

4. Someone can tap on the camera option whenever they want to take a screenshot.

5. Tap the red option to see the possibilities there exists. Those options are StopPauseHide Menu, or show your Image with a front camera.

6. To end recording, use that Stop option, and you will see the recording in your local storage, gallery, or mobile videos folder. You can find videos in App also.

Choose and share the video on social media, especially Facebook, the standard method of sharing videos. You can use the same technique on a PC by downloading App. Remember that on PC, it is available for a trial period. It is a paid tool for PC.

How to download TikTok Videos on PC?

Maybe you needed some edits. Also, you use the recording option. Mainly it would help if you had an improvement to cut from the start and at the end. It depends on your expertise.

When using a PC, we hope for better features and options. You can find many sites online by searching on google. Search for “TikTok video downloader”. You will see various sites where you can download TikTok videos with and without watermark.

Websites I found in search like:

And many more.

1. You need to copy the URL of a video from the TikTok website. Go on the share button and see “Copy Link” there. Click on it.

2. You need to paste that link into that chosen website given the search bar for that URL. Click download, and the video will save in the download or selected folder.

There is another site, Musically Down.

The process of downloading a video is the same.

Please copy the link, paste it into the Musically Down bar, and click download.

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How to share your TikTok Profile on Facebook?

While sharing a profile on Facebook may seem like a natural thing to do for anyone who has a social media presence, there are some considerations to be made. First, the process of sharing a profile is quite simple. To begin

On iOS or Android

1. Open your TikTok App on your iOS or Android.

2. Choose your profile option “Me” or “Profile” in the bottom right corner. Tap on it. You will find all your uploaded videos there.

3. You will find three dots or three lines in the top right corner. Tap on these three dots.

4. Then, you will see two more options. Choose “Settings and privacy” and then Tap on appeared “Share Profile” option.

5. You will get new options to choose how you want to share your profile.

6. Choose the Facebook option from those.

By posting your profile will appear on your Facebook wall. Different countries may have a little difference in options, but I could not find any “connect” option in settings or somewhere to connect directly with Facebook.


1. Visit the TikTok website and log in to your account.

2. You will see a profile image in the circle at the top right corner.

3. Click that will open your profile. As shown in the picture, take your cursor up to that arrow in front of your profile id and name.

4. You will find the ” Share to Facebook” option. Click and share your profile on Facebook.

How to connect with Facebook Friends on TikTok?

1. Open your TikTok App simply.

2. In the bottom right corner, you find “Profile” or “Me”.

3. Tap on that. Then you will see at the top left corner a + friends in the picture below:

4. Tap on this option, and you will see the Facebook option there. Connect your Facebook friends and enjoy the likes and connections.

We discussed in this article how to share the TikTok Video on Facebook in detail. I hope you find the guidance from Skyfission.

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