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The Clash of Clans new update is now available, and it includes some great new features and game items to collect!

You may think, “What is the method of getting League Medals in the clash of clans game?” After the new update Clash of Clans new update came out, you may want to know how to get league medals in Clash of Clans.

In the new update, clash of clans introduce Clan Capital, where you play in war weekly. You get raid medals as a result if you use your attacks. Use your raid medals to increase sources of Gold, elixir, dark elixir, and many more. This has not minimized the importance of League Medals. Medals are still crucial, and playing war league is still essential.

We will write a separate article on raid medals. In this guide, I will show you how to get league medals in Clash of Clans new update, the most popular game on android and iOS platforms.

We are receiving updates regularly, but it seems that League Medals will not lose their importance in the future. Because life is busy and we need medals for many resources. Also, Playing the war league is essential for Clans and their position. It proves you are an active player and makes you strong on the attacking and defensive side.

What do you know about Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a social game that lets you create your village and lead it to victory. You can play this game online against real players or other users’ villages. Players can level up their characters by battling it out with other players.

Clash of Clans is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. Players use troops to attack rival bases while defending their own. They also need to build up a clan base. If you get a medal in a particular activity, you will gain experience points and gold medals. Gold medals will allow you to upgrade specific structures.

A Viral Game for online game lovers

Clash of Clans is a viral game that has recently gotten quite a bit of attention thanks to its vast user base. If you’ve ever played the game, you already know that it’s an entertaining game. You should give it a shot if you don’t know what the game is. But if you want to figure out how to get league medals in the game, there’s a particular strategy that you’ll need to follow. If you’ve played the game before, you should know what to do to level up and gain new items, but if you don’t, here are some tips that will help you.

In the Clash of Clans game, many characters, like Heroes, Dragons, etc. All troops can win the battles. So in the clash of clans, the battle of champions takes place with many weapons. All of you who are playing this game can get to win. There is no single method of obtaining league medals in the clash of clans game. But one approach is to play the game carefully. When playing the game, you should not be distracted by anything else to focus on the clash of clans game. As soon as you win a league medal, you will receive many experience points. And when you are getting a large number of experience points, you can increase the level of your clan. In this article, we will talk about how to get league medals in a clash of clans.

What is the method of getting League Medals in the clash of clans game?

Playing War League is all in the hands of the clan leader and co-leader. They build strategy and choose you as a player. You can still get about 20 percent of the total medals if you do not play. We will describe it in detail.

The Clash of Clans mobile game includes various clan warfare and other gameplay elements. One feature in the game that is new to its latest update is the League system. The League system allows players to win medals by battling against others in the same league.

Players must compete in different tournaments, and challenge matches weekly to earn medals and prizes. To increase your chances of winning medals, you need to battle frequently.

There are four methods of obtaining league medals in the clash of clans game. The first is through a daily event that takes place as a raid. Players must work together to defend their bases from the attacking troops of the enemy.

The second is by winning battles between the two clans, the third is through a clan war in which the player needs to defeat a certain amount of members of the opposing clan, and the fourth is through winning by way of a raid.

Some people think that the game is addictive. Some people always remain in search of online hacking sites, which mostly are fake, and I believe that there is not any hacking on real clash of clans servers. But there may be some cheats. I have a max level ID, but it’s all my hard work day and night.

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How can you join a League in the clash of clans game?

The key to joining a league in Clash of Clans is to keep playing your favorite build. The main goal of the leagues in Clash of Clans is to beat the same opponent with the same clan. They’re also a great way to win gems, coins, and super troops.

You have to play multiplayer war where they provide you with the same strength of clans. There may be of the same league. There you play and get resources as a result. You can choose the clan of your choice, either a dead clan or an active player id. Players will learn by attacks in multiplayer. You will start from Bronze.

 First, you must sign up for the League registration period, which happens once a year. Then, you can be a part of Clan League War matches. Players may play Clan League War matches, and League Medals may earn in various ways. There is also 20% off League Medal Placement.

You can earn the whole place award by just collecting 8 War Stars. The more time you spend playing this game, the greater chance that you’ll be awarded prizes. By establishing the foundation of your Clashing Legacy or joining in with a Clashing clan, you could start a Clashing Legacy or even join the clan.

It would help if you had to Higher your rank to the champion war league. You need to join a clan for the clan war league. For the clan war league, your leader decides about your joining. It would help if you learned good attacking through good strategy according to the opponent’s war base. That will increase your chance of joining.

What is the role of a good attacker in getting medals in the clash of clans game?

The more you play multiplayer, the more you will learn. It would help if you made an excellent team to attack any base in your clash of clan camps. Your strategy of attack can also be ground or air type.

You have to focus during the attack. The defensive strategy also plays a crucial role because you will save your trophies if you defend well.

A good attacker soon gets a high rank in trophies and appreciation in most clans. Your promotion as a co-leader will also affect your joining of the league.


We have clearly described how to get league medals in Clash of Clans new update.

If you want to get league medals in the clash of clans game, then you need to know the methods of increasing the levels of your clan. You should not be in the wrong way. You should not be using improper methods of increasing the level of your clan. The techniques used for improving your clan’s levels are the best to get league medals in the clash of clans game quickly.

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