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You’ve probably seen the meme “I love Graphic Design,” or the more elaborate version of it, “Graphic Design is my passion.” This is a common question I hear when I explain to people that I am a graphic designer.

This article will explain the “Graphic Design Is My Passion” Meme’s History and Meaning. The “Graphic Design Is My Passion” meme originated as a Facebook or Twitter meme, where people would share images with text saying something like “Graphic design is my passion” or “Graphic design is my passion!”

Keep reading to know where did this meme come from? And how did it spread through the graphic designer community?

Where Did All This Come From?

Graphic Design is my passion meme, which began with the start of 2014 Tumblr. The humorous memes are utilized here in response to a poor example of graphic design. Thus the terrible meme design.

The most used phrase on Tumblr can be “There are even complete Tumblr pages dedicated to the phrase.” If you’d like to be with your users, you’ll have to be aware of how users communicate on regular online communication and react to their needs.

The users posted Yungterra on July 7, 2014. It was the most popular meme of 2014 with the meme with more than 342,000 comments on Tumblr.

The original “Graphic Design Is My Passion” meme, that was created by Yungterra in 2014.

Graphic Designers created numerous “What happened next” variants in the following years. Graphic Design has versions comprising basic graphics, WordArt, and other more apparent designs made in paint.

This is a GIF on the original “Graphic Design Is My Passion” meme. It shows the irony of the wording against the graphics. Animation created by the Tumblr user gothicprep.

What Are Memes?

While many people may know the word “meme” has been around since the 1980s, you probably haven’t heard the origin of this word coined by Richard Dawkins.

A meme is a cultural idea, object, or pattern. The concept of memes is rooted in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. He theorized that similar arguments passed between people tend to become more common through reproduction.

Memes are patterns people repeat in many different forms, including books, songs, movies, jokes, and memes. Memes tend to be very sticky and stick to the brain. They tend to be easily remembered and easily transmitted.

Also, Memes are a way to connect people based on similar interests or characteristics. They spread through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They’re also sometimes referred to as “digital watermarks,” “internet memes,” “sticky notes,” and “memetic.”

While memes can range in meaning, most involve humor, parody, or satire. Memes can include anything from a picture to an entire website. The most popular meme is internet memes, but many others range from political to religious to artistic.

Graphic Design Is My Passion Phrase Means?

This phrase might seem cliché, but I immediately understand what it means when I hear it. Graphic design is my passion means that design is what makes me passionate about my work.

This statement is an indicator that the person is confident in their work and that they are happy to share it with others. A graphic designer should always strive to be a creative and inspiring force in their field, and the most successful designers share this mindset.

This phrase is usually associated with those creative arts students who spend their free time making awesome websites, graphics, logos, posters, etc.

They’re passionate about what they’re doing and want to share that passion with others. However, graphic designers (or artists) can apply this phrase to their work in many different ways.

A graphic designer can have a passion for creating beautiful typography, an infographic can have a passion for its layout, and a logo can have a passion for its meaning. Anytime a person has a passion for their work, you can assume they’re passionate about their clients too.

How This Phrase Spread In The Graphic Designer Community.

On January 29, 2015, the Tumblr account of hatchergold posted a photo of a face with the caption, “Staff is like…

On July 7, Tumblr Meme Archives published another title, “Graphic Design is my passion,” with additional meme illustrations.

A website posted an animated tweet with the word. As of August 2017, a Tumblr user uploaded an altered version of the picture showing Pepe the frog.

In only 3 months, it accumulated over 144,000 notecards about the blog on Tumblr.

From Radahl

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Animation GIF Of Graphic Design Is My Passion

In particular, many Tumblr users, and Tumblr in particular, have created many variations of the meme.

These are the funniest ones, in my opinion. They add a touch of flare, and Check out some fun animation versions of the word below:

From Giphy
From tenor
From Giphy

Variations And Design Created By Graphic Designers

People create memes typically using Papyrus Typeface, which generally snubs by graphic designers in the graphic design industry.

Rainbow-colored backgrounds became famous when other text and images got paired with those. Text and images unrelated to each other could be challenging to comprehend.

However, it’s challenging to oppose this cleverly designed version of the “graphic design is my passion” meme because they’re so funny.

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Memes are a way to get the message out and let people know what they share because it’s fun and creative. However, memes can become stale over time.

It is why it’s essential to be creative and not just re-create something that someone else has already made.

It’s even more critical to ensure your audience is familiar with the content you’re making fun of, especially if it’s something controversial or a little risqué.

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Meme Shirts

Here are the “Graphic Design is my passion” meme and many other meme shirts:

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Memes can be a good source of information and inspiration, and the one about the 7-year-old meme has only been around for 7 years but still has a lot of popularity.

Unsurprisingly, many design agencies and independent artists have created these memes to lighten the mood. Creating a more comfortable and fun working environment for everyone is good for them and their clients.

It’s still relevant and reminds us that designers design to be joyous and enjoy their work – but without taking themselves too seriously.

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