Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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McDonald’s is known for its burgers. But did you know that McDonald’s also introduced the world to the first fast-food restaurant back in the 1940s?

McDonald’s provides food services as a retailer in over 38000 locations in over 100 countries. Also, more than 80 percent of its revenue comes from the United States alone.

McDonald’s allows customers to pay with debit cards, credit cards, and mobile phones. And they have the money right then and there. They give it right to you.

They put the cashier to work for you. That’s incredible!

So we have a question here does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay?

Apple has an estimated 1 billion devices worldwide, with more than 588 million users. By Statista, Apple Pay users were more than 65 million in 2020. So this question means a lot. We are going to describe detail here, so read carefully.

Does McDonald Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is an acceptable payment method all over the US and many countries worldwide. According to McDonald’s, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, debit or credit cards are acceptable via Apple Pay. Do not forget to register these cards in your Apple Wallet.

Apple Pay is an available payment option in both McDonald’s App and McDonald’s store. You can pay with both iOS devices like the iPhone or Apple watch. 

The fast-food chain even offers special promotions where customers pay for meals with the service. For example, during the last weekend of October, you could get a free Egg McMuffin and a coffee if you used Apple Pay.

According to Forbes, McDonald’s customers will soon be able to use Apple Pay to pay with their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus at McDonald’s locations in Canada. The iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, and Apple Watch Series 2 support Apple Pay.

How Do You Use Apple Pay At McDonald’s (Step-By-Step)?

First of all, You need to set up your Apple Wallet. For this, read How To Set Apple Pay On iPhone? Choose this heading from the table of content.

The company sent Apple Pay users a text message to alert them when they were near a location where they could pay. There is an option in McDonald’s App: “Mobile Order & Pay.” It will appear when you reach near McDonald’s range.

  • Place your order
  • check out via Apple Pay
  • Select your preferred card and make the payment done

If you order the unavailable things, then McDonald’s will remove that from your order and bill. So do not worry that they will overcharge you.

Method 1: Paying Via Apple Watch

  • “Double Click” or Quickly tap twice the button on the right side to open Apple Wallet.
  • When your Wallet opens automatically, it will show your registered Debit or Credit cards there.
  • Get your watch near to the terminal or contactless reader, so you verify the payment.
  • You will feel a tap and listen to a beep. It is a notification that the transaction is successful.

Method 2: Using your iPhone to Pay

  1. Open the Wallet App on your iPhone.
  2. Choose one of the registered cards, If you have not set anyone by default.
  3. Here it would help if you verified yourself by scanning your face or fingerprint. You can also use a settled passcode here.
  4. Get your iPhone close to the terminal. It is a device where you swipe your card.
  5. You will see a green color check mark of “Done” On the screen, which confirms your transaction.

Take your meal, and then you are free to enjoy it.

Can You Pay At McDonald’s Drive-Thru Via Apple Pay?

Paying at McDonald’s Drive-Thru via Apple Pay is similar to paying at McDonald’s Store. Repeat “Method 1” or “Method 2” for payment.

The only difference is that you may need to do all the process outside the window near the contactless reader. Maybe you need to give your iPhone to the staff member to do the process for you.

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Does McDonald’s Charge Any Fee For Using Apple Pay?

No, There is no fee to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s. Also, no other store or restaurant charges a fee for using Apple Pay. The only fee may be from the bank side if applied on using any debit or credit card.

There may be a chance sometimes to get any deal benefits, discounts, or extra things offered to customers in a specific period by using Apple Pay. So it is safe.

How Does Apple Pay Work in the McDonald’s App?

Suppose you want to use Apple Pay in McDonald’s App. Remember. It’s easy to use Apple Pay in McDonald’s App. The steps are simple.

  1. First, open the App on your phone.
  2. Next, download the McDonald’s App, which you can find in the App Store.
  3. Then, open the App. Now, you’re ready to scan.
  4. The scanner will ask for your phone number.
  5. You can also use your fingerprint to unlock your phone if you don’t have a phone.
  6. And when you’re done scanning, click the button to pay.
  7. The final step is to check out and enjoy your meal.

Is Apple Pay Safe to Use at McDonald’s?

Yes, it’s safe to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s and any other store or restaurant. It is safer to use Apple Pay than direct debit or credit card use.

You need to be intelligent so that you add your cards to your Apple Wallet and prove your identity if required.

Never tell your passcode to anyone, and try to do all the process yourself. These types few precautions are there for safety.

Does Apple Pay Have Any Usage Limit At McDonald’s?

No, Apple Pay has no money usage limit at McDonald’s. You can spend the amount deposited in your card associated with your Apple Wallet. Or, if any usage limit from the bank is applicable, then a limit on Apple Pay is applied. 

What If You Find Any Problem Paying Via Apple Pay At McDonald’s?

First, you need to set up your Apple Wallet. See if you have any problems with the setting of Apple Wallet. In another case, Check your cards or bank balance to see if there are sufficient funds.

If you still feel hesitant or not able to pay for any reason. You could ask the McDonald’s staff member to help you.

You can contact the support at the Apple website for further help or details.

Final Words

You can also use Apple Pay at all McDonald’s stores around the US and on McDonald’s App. There is no extra fee for using Apple Pay there. You can also use Apple Pay in the drive-thru of the desired location.

The US restaurant giant even offers customers rewards if they use Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s locations.

No limit of amount is associated with Apple Pay. The only chance of a boundary is if your bank has a usage limit.

It is a safe payment method for all iPhone users, and if you still have questions about Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? You can leave a comment. Our team will try their best to answer you.

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