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Clash of Clans has been updating with new units and features! Find out Clash of Clans Update Clan Capital Troops detail here!

Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games of the year, and it is currently enjoying its most significant update yet. It’s called Clan Capital Troops, adding a new building to the game that unlocks even more effective attacks. Players can upgrade their troops’ stats to win the battle.

After watching your Clan Capital Troops grow to a healthy size, your troops started to look familiar. It seems your villagers keep breeding and breeding to fill the ranks of your Clan Capital Troops. Now, that’s not to say you don’t have anything to do.

What is Clan Capital COC release date?

Clash of Clans update of Clan Capital release on Monday 02/05/2022. It is unlocked already for Town Hall 6 and higher. So no need to worry about Town Hall 6 and above. Players can enter the village and take part in battles. 

What is Clash of Clans Clan Capital?

For players, skyfission will try to describe it in simple words so that everyone can understand it easily. Clash of Clans is at its peak of popularity now. Clash of Clans developers introduce a new clan, namely Clan Capital. It appears next to the builder’s base as an Air Ship and a Forge.

In Clan, Capital players can build new clan buildings. There is the main Town Hall, namely Capital Peak. It is vital to upgrade its Town hall to unlock new buildings; hence, the game continues. In Forge, you get daily free capital gold and can convert your home base gold, elixir, and other resources into capital gold.

It is an excellent upgrade for those who have max ids and have extra resources in their base. They can utilize this to build Clan Capital.

Clash of Clans Clan Capital is a simple way to earn unlimited free resources in Clash of Clans. The more members you have in your Clan, the more coins and gems you get. You can also invite your friends and family to join your Clan to benefit from Clan Capital.

How to play Clan Capital?

In Clan Capital, Everyone collects Capital gold and gets medals to reward Capital war. Any player can start a building to upgrade, and all can participate in its completion. They will use their gold for this purpose. There are many huts and different buildings also for creating an exciting Capital.

On Friday, Develpors start the war of Clash of Clan Clan Capital automatically. Everyone can settle their army. According to the camp and barracks level, your troops will be the same as all other clanmates. 

I have max level id and six attacks to do in Capital War. When your clanmates finish one, the Clan is destroying it 100 percent. You will find the next one to destroy immediately. 

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How can you play Clan Raid?

In Clan Capital, you get similar troops to your clash of clan bases. You can not play individually as a multiplayer.

Their players play war at weekend raids. They match the Clans according to their level.

In this war, a clan with more players or high-level players with a high town hall has more chance to succeed and destroy more enemy bases. When you complete one raid of any clan, it converts to another clan for war and hence the next one.

You can expect to start the raid weekend on Friday. It ends on Monday. Until then, you can use all your attacks at any time. You settle your army and go for the attack. Remember that your leader and co-leader are responsible for choosing your capital to join the war. If you are using the attack and are an active player, then it’s enough to satisfy your leader.

Because your incomplete attack will not leave undone now, other clanmates can attack the base you left unfinished. They can destroy that left base.

It’s a join clan capital where everyone participates in building this. And everyone can use it against a clan capital, and nothing is like a personal attack. So it’s a new kind of multiplayer.

Here in Capital war, your dropped spells remain forever for the next player. There is no disappearing time for spells. You will already find the spell when you start your next attack on the same base.

The main Town Hall in Clan Capital is Capital Peak, and others are called districts with different names. When you maximize Capital Peak, you can maximize other districts. 

What are troops of Clash Capital?

The troops are:

Super Barbarian

Sneaky Archers

Super Giants

Battle Ram

Minion Horde

Super Wizard

Rocket Balloons

Skeleton Barrels

Flying Fortress

Raid Cart

Super Pekka

Hog Raiders

Super Dragons

Mountain Golem

How is Clash Capital helpful in clash of Clans?

When you play Capital weekend war, then you will get medals. These medals are very helpful for getting different resources and other things on a home base. It helps to upgrade more buildings and make firm your home base. It is an addictive game, and Clash of Clans Update Clan Capital Troops created more interest in it. So play, grow and enjoy!

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